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Our expert team of Business Advisors can identify and assist any part of your business which  would benefit from our years of experience. 

Our Business Advisors are led by Harry Pontikis - a well known identity within the building industry!  He is recognised as an expert in management, finance, operations and marketing.  

Find out how we can support your growth, help you avoid 'tyre kickers' and put you on a solid track to success and profit.



You are an expert builder, manufacturer, tradesperson and have spent a lifetime learning, training and applying your skills.

BUT, you have never received similar training or support on how to run a business; you just made it up as you went and did your best....and now you're turning over hundreds of thousands of dollars but still 'winging it.'

If that sounds like you then it's time to get help with your business, your leads, marketing, finances and your team - THAT'S WHAT WE DO AND CAN HELP YOU!


Why Us?

We will help you identify the areas needing attention and then hlep you fix the issues specifically.  

Unlike other Advisors or Coaches, we do not give you general templates or generic information and leave it to you to apply to your business.

We help you fix the roadblock specific to your business and provide you tailored direction, option and advice.   


Astronomical growth


  ‘ School Builder’s astronomical growth in revenue and profit’ in the last year,  brought on by a focus on quoting and clarity on only taking on profitable business.  This was made possible by our marketing strategy showcasing our expertise in the designated target market.  School builders’ focus on its teams, their objectives, targets and training helped the team strive to be the best they can be!  

This success was facilitated by Harry Pontikis from Finding Money’s business consultants and using Acclaimed Results’ website and marketing team.  

I recommend the Finding Money team for any business wanting to take their business to the next level."

John Goodwin - Director 

School Builders

The right formula


  "Chris and I would like to thank you for your time – your insight was priceless and came at the perfect time for us. We are fully committed to implementing your strategies, once we are up and running we’d appreciate the chance to work with you to fine tune what we think will be an exciting business venture!

Personally, I’ve spent a lot of time learning to understand the basics of business – like most tradesmen it wasn’t my natural background – but through observation and trial and error I believe we now have the right formula for success. You solidified some of my ideas, provided directions I would not have considered, and created a template for us moving forward that is both achievable and realistic. "

Mick Kelly - Director 

Kingcraft Architectural Builders

Highly recommended


"Harry from the Finding Money team has been instrumental with assisting me in working towards my target of having a fully operational company that does not require day to day input from myself.  Initially he worked on gaining a complete understanding of how Kilbury is run.  He then worked with me in developing short term goals in the areas of nurturing the culture of the company, as well as developing operational procedures.  I would highly recommend anyone trying to improve their business to engage in Finding Money's services."

Shane Connaughton - Director

Kilbury Group

Current deals


Contact Finding Money for the 'review package' designed to analyse last year's performance and put in place a strategy for 2020.

The big news


The property and finance industries are set to boom in 2020; get ready to take advantage of the changed conditions in the new year!

Don't delay


Take your business to the next level in 2020; enough trying to get everything done yourself.  Engage a Finding Money advisor and note the difference!

Services Available


Business Advice - an expert Consultant will provide you guidance in your business strategy, direction and objectives.

Management Assistance - Our Advisors will work with you and your leadership team to achieve the objectives which are challenging them and to overcome the obstacles faced.

Marketing expertise - Our Marketing Advisors will help focus your lead generation, quoting and sales strategies to ensure you only deal with the best clients.

Finance / Cash flow assistance - Tame the cash flow beast and regain control of your finances!

Special offer


The design and construct of a business website for a special price this month only!

* Terms & Conditions apply



Q. Are the consulting services expensive?

It's all relative to how much money we make and save for you.  We focus on providing value-for-money.

Q. Why choose you over other coaching companies?

 Finding Money is an expert in the Building Industry - which is a unique industry, different to all others.  Our Advisors have extensive experience and knowledge within the industry.

Q. How do I know if I need help?

If your cash flow causes you stress, you are quoting jobs you aren't winning or aren't getting the best from your team, then you need us!

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